• Teaser
  • Teaser
  • Teaser
  • My counselor taught me that
    there are ways to calm myself down
    when I feel like fighting someone.

    > Counseling 

  • I would tell other kids to never be scared
    to talk to someone and think that you
    have to keep your feelings inside of you.

    > Crisis Intervention

  • I used to think I did something wrong
    when my mom and dad yelled at each other,
    but now I know it’s not my fault.

    > Mental Health Rehabilitation

Letter from Paulette Carter, President & CEO

Paulette Carter, President & CEOEvery day at the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans we strive to create a world where children grow up with endless possibilities and potential. We help strengthen families and the communities in which they live by providing high quality mental health services and making them accessible to all.

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  • Children’s Bureau of New Orleans
    2626 Canal St. Suite 201
    New Orleans, La 70119

    Tel: (504) 525-2366
    Fax: (504) 525-7525
    Email: cbno@childrens-bureau.com
    *This email is for general support ONLY. Please allow 2-3 business days for response.

    **If you need an immediate response, please call 911, the cope line at (504) 269-2673 or the Mobile Crisis Units at (504) 826-2675 (Orleans Parish)/ (504) 832-5123 (Jefferson Parish).
  • Accessing Services
    If you are suffering from high levels of stress or anxiety, or you have been a victim of violence, you can request an appointment to assess your eligibility for counseling anytime. Please call us at (504) 525-2366.
  • After Hours Emergencies
    Please call the Cope Line:
    (504) 269-2673